Tango Photographs by Eero Olli   
I have been dancing tango since Easter 1997, and have grown increasingly fascinated with it as a form of expression and an arena for people to meet and communicate.

The last years I have also tried to capture this through my photographs. I try to look at tango photography as a form of portraits, instead of typical dance photographs. What is important is what is going inside the dancer; it is their contact and feelings that should be in focus, not boleos, ganchos, or other moves.

On this page, you will find a few links to pages with my pictures. Some of the pages are in Norwegian, but you can just ignore the texts. Pictures talk for themselves. The principles used for selecting pictures vary: Sometimes I pick good pictures; sometimes it is more important that everybody gets their picture on the net.

I reserve all rights to these pictures. However, if you are interested, you can contact me and purchase a quality print to hang on your wall or the right to use it for your own purposes (flyers, website, books etc).

I hope that you enjoy the pictures!

Oslo Tango Marathon 2010 is over. Here are some images of dancing couples.
Bergen Tango Marathon 2009 was a great event. Pictures from the dancefloor.
A performance by Ina Eriksen at Hamar Performance Festival 2009. Coming soon to a computer near you.
Oslo Tangofestival Easter 2004 at Studentenes Roklubb. Pictures from three performances.
TangoAlley, a slideshow, was first presented at the opening milonga at Bergen Tangofestival 2002.
Bergen has a great tango community and here are pictures from the beginning of 2002 until January 2003.
Paris is one of my favorate places to dance. Particularly the outdoor dansing at the riverbanks of Seine. These pictures are mostly from august 2001.
Tango Abrazo, our local tangoclub in Bergen arranges a a spring ball everyear. These pictures are from march 2002.

Here are some pictures from Bergen Tangofestival 2002 is one of the really good tangofestivals in Europe.  I hope that you can find some people you know!
Sometimes we have tangostunts, or small performance projects. One of the better ones was Vampire tango. An other successful project was Bryggetango, a small play located outside at the historical wooden part of town.

Work in progress - Tangoshoes. Dansers are sometimes very shy, if they are not dansing. However, they are usually more than happy to show their shoes.

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